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Why Won't My Acne Go Away?,

Why Won't My Acne Go Away?

Why Won’t My Acne Go Away??


At Back To Nature With Essential Oils based in Dawson Creek, BC we know how much of a struggle acne can be. It can be unsightly, painful, expensive, tough to deal with and it takes a toll on your self esteem. Don’t worry! Back To Nature and our Certified Aromatherapist partnered by the Clear Skin for acne prone skin set is here to help!


Many factors have been identified in causing or contributing to acne and breakouts including environment, diet, lifestyle, stress, bacteria, hygiene and hormones.

If you can figure out the exact cause, great. If not at least Back To Nature With Essential Oils natural skin care product can help on a few levels.


Lets discuss the CLEAR SKIN SET FOR ACNE PRONE SKIN. This is your best defense against bacteria. The Clear Skin set will not only cleanse your skin by removing dirt and makeup (if you wear any),it will balance your sebum (skin oiliness),reduce breakouts and intensity of your acne, tone and heal your skin.


Step 1 – Clear Skin Cleanser – This all natural acne skin cleanser is a natural oil based (yes I said oil based) cleanser that removes dirt and makeup by removing the product with a facecloth.

Traditionally, acne sufferers were told to steer clear of any oil based products. However, the oils used in Back To Nature With Essential Oils Clear Skin set are from natural sources, work well with skin, do not clog pores and help balance sebum. Watch out for any products that dry your skin out too much, because what follows dry skin? That’s right….oily skin due to an imbalance and your skin tries to compensate. What clogs your pores and causes acne? That’s right, a plugged hair follicle (by your own oily skin) and bacteria.


Step 2 – Pore Refining Toner – The toner is a must to remove the last traces of dirt and makeup from your skin. I recommend spritzing a cotton pad and using that on your face then give your skin a quick spritz and you’re done. Pore refining is essential to help keep everything clean and clear and by reducing your pore size, you reduce the likelihood of acne. The toner is an essential tool in getting rid of blackheads too.


Step 3 – Clear Skin Daily Gel – this really is the ticket. This gel is a power packed combo of aloe vera and essential oils. This is going to absorb really quickly and get the bacteria fighting, skin healing essential oils right to the source of your problem. I recommend applying this product using a cotton pad also – steer clear of your sensitive eye area and all you need is a pea size amount. Our gel also works great as an acne spot treatment.


Step 4 – Clear Skin Daily Moisturizer – This moisturizer uses carrier oils that balance sebum, don’t dry your skin out, penetrate deep into the layers of your skin to heal and fight acne from the outside in. The essential oils used also fight the bacteria and help to heal your skin. A little bit goes a very long way, so use this very sparingly. Even though you feel you have oily skin, it is important not to dry out your acne prone skin and to choose a very balanced moisturizer.


Step 5 – Delightfully Lime Salt Scrub – Acne spots can happen when a hair follicle gets blocked and bacteria gets in. Using a high quality, gentle scrub is very useful for absolutely everybody whether you are interested in anti-aging or acne care. Gentle exfoliation will remove the old layers of skin and help to reduce pore size. Win Win for any skin type. The pink Himalayan salt base of this scrub also helps fight bacteria. I recommend people start by using this scrub once a week and go from there. Sometimes clients use the scrub every second day for a week to help clear up a breakout. Other clients use it a few times a month. You be the judge on what is best for your skin. Exfoliation is another key to getting rid of those nasty blackheads too.


Step 6 – Repeat morning and night.


Last, but certainly not least, I want to talk about the “energy” or vibe we put out into the world about our skin. I have a background in Healing Touch and am a firm believer that what we say, think and feel comes back to us.


Remember this famous quote?

“What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create.”

― Gautama Buddha


Here are a few tips to keeping your energy clean regarding acne:

*Stop speaking poorly about yourself in regards to your skin.

*Stop staring endlessly in the bathroom mirror and analyzing your face.

*Stop picking, poking and popping.

*Be kind to yourself and your body.

In short, STOP focusing on your acne. Imagine yourself with clean, clear, beautiful skin.

I would even go so far as to challenge you: Get the Clear Skin for acne prone skin set. Then for one month, follow the instructions I have given you down to the very last detail without, I repeat without, paying too much attention to your skin. Then at the end of a month, check yourself out and see what happens.

And one final note, never, ever squeeze a pimple. All you are doing is damaging the skin around the area. People wonder why they always get a pimple in the same spot or why that blackhead just won’t go away. It’s because instead of taking the necessary time and steps to obtain great skin, we pick and pop and damage the area.


If you have enjoyed this informative article and want to check out more Essential Wisdom or would like to book an appointment for a skin consultation, please GET IN TOUCH.




I bought the headache oil, it is amazing! I went from a bottle of advil every month to absolutely none! It works within minutes and smells delicious! I can’t rave enough.unquote

- Angela C.