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What Natural Skin Care Products Are Right For My Dry, Acne Prone, or Aging Skin?,

What Natural Skin Care Products Are Right For My Dry, Acne Prone, or Aging Skin?

What Natural Skin Care Products Are Right For My Dry, Acne Prone, Combination or Aging Skin?

Finding the right products and skin care routine for your skin can be a daunting task….it can change from season to season and from location to location. I am told often that people relocating from down south, places like Abbotsford, Kamloops and Vancouver to communities up North like Prince George, Dawson Creek and Grande Prairie have noticed a definite drying out of their skin.
Skin and your skin care needs also change as your hormones change and as you age. I have put together a quick guide so you can see how Back To Nature With Essential Oils skin care products can benefit you.
How Do I Deal With My Dry Skin?
Dry skin is dry skin. It may be caused by a seasonal change, a location change or simply aging skin. Dry skin needs exfoliation to remove the dead layers of skin. As you age, your skin needs helps with this process. We recommend two amazing scrubs. The Brown Sugar Scrub which is a base of moisturizing coconut oil and organic brown sugar. The second is the Delightfully Lime Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub that has a jojoba wax and pink himalayan salt scrub base. Both scrubs work well to exfoliate away dry, dead skin cells while at the same time leaving your skin feeling moisturized and refreshed. They are both gentle enough to be used on the delicate skin of your face. Just be careful not to exfoliate around your sensitive eye area.

The next thing your dry or aging skin needs is a cleanser. Cleansers are very important. A well formulated skin cleanser will remove dirt and makeup without leaving your skin feeling tight and dry. It is most important to cleanse skin at night before you go to bed to remove dirt and impurities and allow the skin to breathe and heal. Remember your skin absorbs everything you put on it, so try not to go to bed with pore clogging makeup left on.The Avocado Cleanser comes highly recommended by everyone who has tried it. It is one of Back To Nature With Essential Oils’ most popular products! It is formulated without soap so it is non-drying. Instead, it uses the cleansing power of avocado oil and healing properties of aloe vera gel to easily remove dirt and makeup and leave your skin feeling soft and supple. It is a superstar on removing eye makeup without rubbing and pulling at your skin as well. Just remember you have to remove this cleanser with a washcloth.

Your next step is a toner. A toner will remove the last traces of dirt and makeup from your face as well as tighten and tone your skin. The water base in the toner also helps your moisturizer absorb into your skin. The Pore Refining Toner has a non-alcoholic witch hazel base with added essential oils to increase bloodflood to your skin which helps with the tightening and toning process. Witch Hazel is all natural, helps to ward off the signs of aging, reduces puffiness while tightening pores and improving skin tone.

The last step in your anti-aging or dry skin routine is a moisturizer. You need to choose a moisturizer carefully…remember, What You Put On Your Skin Matters and since your moisturizer will stay on your face the longest, its very important to choose a well formulated, all natural product. A good moisturizer will not only add hydration to your skin, it will also penetrate the layers of your skin and add a protective layer to your skin. The Fabulous Face Lotion is another fan favorite at Back To Nature With Essential Oils. The Fabulous Face Lotion is a whipped dream for anyone looking for skin hydration. It smells like spring flowers and makes your face feel wonderful!  It works well for day and night time use.

In short, your dry skin or anti-aging skin care routine should be:
1.     Cleanse using the Avocado Cleanser
2.     Tone using the Pore Refining Toner
3.     Moisturize using the Fabulous Face Lotion
4.     Exfoliate your skin once or twice weekly using either the Delightfully Lime Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub or the Brown Sugar Scrub

5.     All skin can benefit from the use of an eye cream, such as Amazing Eye Cream by Back To Nature. The name says it all!!
The frequency of your skin care routine will depend on your personal preference. You can do the recommended steps AM and PM if you prefer. I personally like to do my cleansing routine in the evenings and save the exfoliant for the mornings. Add a little bit of moisturizer and away I go! So play with it and see what works for you! And a quick reminder about drinking your water! The healthier you are and the more water you drink definitely translates into how youthful and healthy your skin looks!
How Do I Deal With My Acne Prone Skin?
Acne has been said to be linked to a large number of factors including stress, hormones, eating habits, being a teenager, unclean skin, etc. etc. All that is known for sure is you need a blocked hair follicle (pore) and some bacteria and voila….you have yourself the start of a pimple!
The number one way to get your acne to go away for good (or at least keep it under control) is a good, CONSISTENT skin care routine. You need something to cleanse your skin with, remove blackheads and tighten your pores, fight bacteria and balance the pH of your skin.

Your first step is a good cleanser. You simply must remove the dirt, oil and makeup from your skin. We get rave reviews of the Clear Skin Cleanser for Acne Prone Skin.This cleanser is formulated with hemp seed to help cleanse the skin, aloe vera gel for skin healing and essential oils to combat the bacteria that cause acne. Win Win.

The next step is the Pore Refining Toner. Because of the witch hazel base, this toner has the benefits that were listed above as well as shrinking pores, oil absorbing and it is an astringent which can really help to kick acne in the butt.

The next step is the Clear Skin Daily Gel. This gel has a skin healing aloe vera base and essential oils that absorb deep into your skin to help heal and combat the bacteria that cause acne breakouts. Use a small amount on a cotton pad spread evenly over your face, avoiding your eye area.

The last step is moisturizing. Even though you may have oily skin, it is still important to hydrate and moisturize it. The Clear Skin Moisturizer from Back To Nature With Essential Oils contains jojoba wax which is sebum balancing. It also contains essential oils to fight bacteria, which are going to stay on your skin all day and night to help protect you and your skin from future breakouts.

To sum up, your acne prone skin needs the following skin care routine:
1.     Cleanse using the Clear Skin Cleanser
2.     Tone using the Pore Refining Toner
3.     Help fight bacteria by using the Clear Skin Daily Gel
4.     Moisturize to help balance sebum using a small amount of the Clear Skin Moisturizer
5.     You may exfoliate your acne prone skin depending on the severity of the breakout with either the Brown Sugar Scrub or the Delightfully Lime Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub but we usually recommend the Salt Scrub because of the acne fighting benefits of the salt.
What sets Back To Nature’s Clear Skin Line for Acne Prone Skin apart from other popular acne skin care products is that it is non-drying, non-irritating and won’t cause further damage to your skin. We have chosen to use all natural, organic ingredients that are good for your skin as well as essential oils that fight the bacteria that cause acne.
One more note on acne prone skin, whatever you do, continue to love yourself and love your skin. If you don’t love your skin it won’t love you back and will have a tendency to break out even more. And NO PICKING, POPPING or POKING your zits!! That is absolutely the worst thing you can do. When you pick or pop a pimple it damages the skin cells around it. You may find applying a warm facecloth and allowing the pimple to surface, is a better way to deal with acne. You will also notice your blackheads going away too.
How Do I Deal With Blackheads?
Blackheads are caused from plugged hair follicles. Popular places to get blackheads are around your nose, mouth and chin. You can get blackheads even if you have dry skin, they aren’t just present with acne prone skin. If you are using a consistent skin care routine like one of the ones mentioned above, you will start to noticeably decrease blackheads.
How Do I Deal With My Combination Skin and Acne over 30 and 40?
Acne seems to be such a teenage, hormonal, embarrassing thing to have to deal with…especially in our 30’s and 40’s!!! You are probably frustrated because your skin seems dry, oily and shows up with the occasional blemish all at the same time!
Well, have no fear, Back To Nature and its all natural skin care products have come to your rescue! All we will do is tweak the routine a little bit. Here goes:

1.     Cleanse with EITHER the Clear Skin Cleanser or the Avocado Cleanser. You get to choose which one sounds better to you. If you want to be able to take off your eye makeup gently with your cleanser then use the Avocado Cleanser.
2.     Use the Pore Refining Toner.
3.     Use the Clear Skin Daily Gel. Depending on the severity of your acne you can use the gel in your AM and PM routine, PM only or as a spot treatment when your acne shows up. Just keep in mind that prevention is always the best. So you if you are prone to hormonal (that time of the month) acne, start using it a few days or a week before your acne usually shows up.
4.     Moisturize. You may choose either the Fabulous Face Lotion or the Clear Skin Moisturizer. If you are over 40 I recommend the Fabulous Face Lotion so you can have more of the anti-aging and hydrating skin benefits. Otherwise go for the Clear Skin Moisturizer.

5.     Exfoliate. We always need a great exfoliant at any age. If you have combination skin, I assume you don’t have large pustules on your skin. If you have angry, red, agitated areas of acne going on, best not to agitate it further by scrubbing. You can use an exfoliant around the area or use an exfoliant in between breakouts. Again, either the Delightfully Lime Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub or the Brown Sugar Scrub would work well depending on your personal preference. If you like sweets, go with the Brown Sugar Scrub. If you like salty, go with the Delightfully Lime Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub.
Whichever skin care routine you choose, the Anti-Aging Skin Care Collection or the Clear Skin for Acne Prone Skin Care Line or a mix in between, just remain consistent and love your skin. As with anything, the more you love your skin the more it will mirror back to you what you want to see!
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email, call, or stop by the Back To Nature With Essential Oils office, located at 1025-103 Avenue in Dawson Creek, BC out of Here To Health Wellness Clinic. Visit our online shop to order online!

My entire family love Back to Nature with Essential oils products. We use almost all of them! My children love Jenny’s potions… how they smell and feel! The baby butt butter… oh my… we use that stuff on everything!unquote

- ChArlie