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Natural products as part of a healthy lifestyle choice,

Natural products as part of a healthy lifestyle choice

Back To Nature With Essential Oils based in Dawson Creek, BC has been providing natural skin and body care products that work and there is something for the whole family. Back To Nature is my passion and I feel good about being able to offer natural cures to things like acne, anti-aging and eczema. Some people use Back To Nature products because nothing else they have tried works for their skin and some people use it because they are committed to taking care of their bodies and leading healthy lifestyles. 

By far, the two most amazing things in my life are my children and my business. I surround myself with things I love, including my kids and my products. I love walking into my bathroom and seeing all of my natural, skin healing products everywhere. I love how they look, I love how they smell and I love knowing that I am taking care of myself every time I choose a natural product as part of a healthy lifestyle. I love making my baking soda based scrubby tub and tile cleaner and when I ask my kids to clean the bathroom, I feel good giving them a natural cleaner instead of those chemical cleaners that make my lungs hurt.

I love washing my face every night using my Avocado Cleanser. I love how my skin feels after my evening regime because my skin doesn’t feel tight or dry. I am really, really in love with my Fabulous Face Lotion, it has revived and softened the skin on my face.
I love how soft and silky my legs feel after using a scrub like the Brown Sugar Scrub.

I feel good knowing my kids shower using my natural soaps. Did you know that not only does the Sublime Body Wash smells great and wakes you up in the morning, it also shrinks hemorrhoids? Win Win! I love it when my kids come to say goodnight and smell of the Ultimate Body Butter or Luscious Lotion. I know their little bodies are being moisturized without all those other added chemicals soaking through their skin and into their bodies while they sleep.

We all know the things we put on our skin absorb into our bodies and can tax our internal systems. I know the products I choose for me and my family not only smell fantastic, they also work well and they are good for us. How great is it to have a teenager with acne and be able to offer a natural solution that works without paying a fortune and without causing other skin care problems down the road (this is where you go check out the Clear Skin Set).

I choose to surround myself with the things I love and I love knowing they are good for us. Using Back To Nature With Essential Oils products is part of how I am leading a healthy lifestyle and making these products available to you is how I am giving back to the community, by offering a natural alternative to skin and body care products we use every day. I feel good about using these products and I feel good about the research that goes into them and I feel good about offering them to you.

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I bought the headache oil, it is amazing! I went from a bottle of advil every month to absolutely none! It works within minutes and smells delicious! I can’t rave enough.unquote

- Angela C.