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Many Uses Our For Hair Oil,

Many Uses Our For Hair Oil

Allow me to introduce one of Back To Nature With Essential Oils most versatile and useful products…the Hair, Skin and Nail Oil. This oil has many obvious uses and some other great uses too.
The Hair Oil brings dry, frizzy, damaged hair back to life. It works very well as a beard oil for men too. Simply apply a few drops into your hair or beard when wet and voila, you are on your way to amazing, shiny, healthier hair. You can use it as an overnight leave in treatment and rinse out in the morning or apply to wet hair and allow it to absorb in, moisturize and protect your hair all day. It works well with other hair products such as gel, mousse or moisturizing styling cream. Used over time you will notice a difference in the texture and body of your hair. We have even gotten reports it adds length to the life of color treated hair, holding the color for longer periods of time.
Just a few drops will turn mens’ beard from frizz to fine and the scent is light enough it works great for guys and gals.
Apart from being a miracle cure for any hair type, it’s also fantastic for tight, dry or cracked skin.
If you suffer from gardening hands or rough, dry skin this Nail/Cuticle/Skin portion of the Hair Oil will help you on your way. It is very moisturizing and absorbs quickly without leaving your hands feeling greasy. It’s great for dry, cracked hands too. Simply apply a drop to the affected area (as often as possible) and you will alleviate the pain and uncomfortableness of cracked skin. Using the oil after washing your hands or getting them wet and always before bed will speed recovery time as well. Check out our ultra moisturizing Eczema Body Butter, Ultimate Body Butter and Luscious Lotion found in our Bath And Body Essentials section for added moisture too!
Dry skin on your legs will benefit from this oil. Again, quick absorption will relieve and moisturize your tight, dry skin on your legs after shaving, being in the sun too long or just general dryness. Even if you are just looking for some fantastic summer legs, try a few drops of oil on your legs before applying your regular skin or body lotion (a couple great options are the all natural ones provided by Back To Nature With Essential Oils such as the Ultimate Body Butter, Eczema Body Butter or Luscious Lotion).
During the dry winter months and windy season I often use a few drops of the Hair Oil on my face under my regular day cream (Fabulous Face Lotion of course). It works wonders to keep my skin soft and smooth and works well under foundation.
So, as you can see the Hair, Skin and Nail Oil found in the Natural Remedies section of our website is really a versatile oil and well worth checking out. You can find this and other all natural skin and body care products online at Back To Nature, proudly serving the Peace Region, Northern British Columbia, Dawson Creek, Prince George, Abbotsford, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and everywhere in between!
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I bought a jar of the Lime Salt body scrub from Jenny at the Trade Show in Dawson Creek. It was amazing. It was so refreshing and smelled divine. I highly recommend these products… even for the guys!unquote