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I Need A Great Christmas Gift This Year!!!,

I Need A Great Christmas Gift This Year!!!

I Need A Great Christmas Present This Year…
What makes a great gift for Christmas? Something thoughtful? Something expensive, something useful, something frivolous? A gift certificate? A product or service? Do you pick it out or do you give a gift card and allow someone else to pick their own gift? And what the heck do you get that person who either has it all or the means to buy it all?
Christmas and gift giving can be stressful at the best of times…not to mention expensive! At Back To Nature With Essential Oils located in Dawson Creek, BC we wanted to take some of the guesswork out of gift giving this holiday season and give you a few suggestions of our own for those hard to buy for people on your Christmas list.
What Do I Get That Special Lady In My Life?
Whether she’s your partner, mother, sister, daughter, mother in law or co-worker, ladies love products. Face products, skin care products, bath products…they love trying new products. They love opening them up, smelling them, feeling them and using them.
If your lady is into face care, we recommend the ever popular Fabulous Face Gift Set. This set has it all, looks, moisturizing and great scent. The best part is it comes as a compete set ready to use. If you want to break it down you can check out the Avocado Skin Cleanser, Pore Reducing Toner,Amazing Eye Cream and Fabulous Face Lotion. This gift set is part of the anti-wrinkle and moisturizing skin set.
Just Crazy About Bath Time!
Do they enjoy nice, long showers or baths? Then check out the Sublime Bodywash, Brown Sugar Scrub and Delightfully Lime Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub. Another fantastic shower/bath item is the Moisturizing Shave Gel. This one is great for guys or girls, faces or legs and anything in between.
What Do I Get That Special Guy In My Life?
Father in law, husband, brother, son…..Back To Nature has some gifts that are perfect for the guys.
Check out the Mens Aftershave or the Moisturizng Shave Gel. And what the heck, men definitely need moisturizing too! The Fabulous Face Lotion is popular with the men who are bold enough to buy it for themselves. They also love the Sublime Body Wash. Guys need all natural products that work too!
Can You Suggest A Great Christmas Gift For My Teenager?
Teenagers seem to need (some may not want) the Clear Skin Line for acne prone skin. This set is all natural and works without drying skin out which means you can feel good about letting your teen use it. And it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Wanna break it down? This acne skin care set comes with the Clear Skin Cleanser, Pore Refining Toner, Clear Skin Daily Gel and Clear Skin Moisturizer. Teenagers also benefit from using the all natural Tropical Deodorant. Another favorite is the Luscious Lotion or moisturizing Ultimate Body Butter.
Is There A Good Christmas Gift For Someone With Dry, Sensitive Skin?
Absolutely! Check out the Ultimate Body Butter, Eczema Body Butter or the Moisturizing Soap For Sensitive Skin. Dry Skin on face can be cured with the Fabulous Face Lotion. Sometimes all dry skin needs is a bit of an exfoliant. In that case, try the Delightfully Lime Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub or the Brown Sugar Scrub.
I Just Can’t Decide!!
If you really are unsure what to gift to someone, check out a gift certificate. They can be used online and are simple and easy to use.
Stocking Stuffers Please!
Looking for something inexpensive and small for a stocking? Try a Luscious Lip Balm. They fit perfectly into a stocking and are inexpensive and easy to buy, everyone loves them!
If you need any help picking out a gift or with skin care advice be sure to text, call or email! And as always, free shipping for first time customers or any orders $50 and over to anywhere in Canada or the U.S.

Back To Nature hopes you have a safe and Happy Holiday Season!

I love the moisturizing shave gel!! I have very sensitive skin and shaving my arm pits was something I dreaded doing! I would break out in a rash that was both very painful and embarrassing. I can honestly say that with this product, I can shave them everyday with no repercussions!!! It is amazing!!unquote

- J.G.