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Energy Based Healing Sessions Now Available in Dawson Creek, BC,

Energy Based Healing Sessions Now Available in Dawson Creek, BC

Jenny from Back To Nature With Essential Oils is now offering Energy Sessions out of the Here To Health Wellness Clinic in Dawson Creek, BC.

“I have a background in Healing Touch and Reiki, however my real strength is being able to read the energy that a person is holding.”

“I have the belief system that we are all here to learn lessons and move forward into happier, healthier, more satisfying lives filled with abundance and love. As we learn our life lessons we move forward. If we have an experience and do not learn anything from it, we are destined to repeat the experience but with a different partner, or job for example. Sometimes we hold on to energy such as pain, frustration, anger, fear and guilt (to name a few) and they affect how we think and react to people or situations. It can be very beneficial to have help releasing these emotions and bringing in new emotions that are more along the lines of self love and healing energies.
Some people book to feel better after a session, for relaxation purposes, to gain clarity on a situation they are dealing with or because they are ready to shift their life situation.”

Energy Sessions are a great tool for self care, self awareness and chakra balancing. You can shift energy and start releasing old, outdated beliefs and thought patterns that are holding you back in your life.
Sometimes we hold on to emotions such as pain, grief, sadness, lack, anger etc because at one point in our lives those emotions protected us and kept us safe. However if we continue to hold on to them, they can be detrimental to our health and well being. Sometimes when we have an experience and we are unable to let go of the pain or anger and we continue to place blame on others for our own personal circumstances. These situations are all energies we need to let go of to move forward. Sometimes we need a bit of help letting them go.

What Can I Expect From An Energy Session?

People usually feel calm and relaxed and some fall asleep during a session. A session usually runs between 40-60 minutes. You lie face up on a massage table while having your energy centres balanced. If you are ready, old energies that are no longer needed can be released and replaced with energies such as light, love and strength. You may feel more understanding and compassionate, clarity of certain situations or a renewed ability and desire to move forward in life. You may have new thoughts and ideas come in now that the old ones are being released.

How Many Energy Session Does It Take To Positively Affect My Life And Make Change?

This all depends how open you are to letting go and moving forward in a positive direction. How long have you held on to these energies for? Are you willing to read a book, listen to a pod cast or even attend a seminar to help you understand and move forward? What are your belief systems? Do you believe energy work will help?
All of these things are factors to consider however usually when people seek out alternative healing they are ready to release and move forward.

How Often Should I See My Energy Worker?

This all depends what you are working through. Some people like to come once every two weeks or once a month when they initially start out shifting energy. It is always good to take a week or so in between sessions to let the new energy take hold in your life.
Once you have released and are starting to see changes in your life, keep up your energy sessions by booking once a month. Hopefully your Energy Worker is also teaching you some tools such as grounding, cord cutting and the laws of attraction so you can learn to shift and make change on your own.

I Think I Need A Little Help And Guidance At This Point In My Life.

We all need to seek out help and guidance at some point in our lives. Are you ready to move forward and leave old patterns behind? Are you ready to take ownership of your life and your past instead of continuing to blame your life situation on your parents or partner or people around you? Are you willing to let go, forgive and leave the past where its supposed to be…in the past?! When you can admit that your life is a direct result of the choices you have made based on the thoughts you have thought and the energies you choose to hold on to, then you are ready for Energy Work!!

To book an Energy Session with Jenny please call or email. The fee is $60 per session.

Love, love, looooooooove the Sublime Body Wash! A little goes a long way and I’m totally hooked on the smell. I love Jenny’s knowledge base and care for her clientele. Top notch!unquote

- Rachel C.