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Body Butters That Help Heal Dry, Itchy, Flaky Skin in Northern Climates

Needing moisturizing for dry skin can be an issue no matter where you live. However, it can be especially annoying when dealing with dry skin that is aggravated by the winter season we experience living in Northern Climates – including Dawson Creek, Grande Prairie, and Prince George. At Back To Nature With Essential Oils based out of Dawson Creek, BC we have dealt with various skin conditions, especially dry skin and eczema caused by the cold harsh winters of Northern Living – so we have developed a helpful line of body butters and other moisturizing products!

What Products Are There To Help My Dry Skin?

Of course, prevention is your best defense and dry skin is best dealt with before it really sets in and has a chance to be aggravated by the winter months. We strongly recommend if you get dry skin in the cold winter months to start with a protective, moisturizing, skin healing body butter as soon as the fall season hits and carrying on with it throughout the year.

One of our best selling products from Grande Prairie, Alberta across to Prince George, BC is the Eczema Body Butter. The all natural eczema blend combines the protective properties of beeswax and jojoba wax with the healing effects of shea butter (to name a few of the ingredients). Add in some essential oils to help with the itchiness of dry, flaky skin and other essential oils for skin healing and you are well on your way to getting rid of your dry skin.

What Body Butter Can I Use If I Have Dry, Sensitive Skin?

Another great option if you are sensitive to essential oils is the Ultimate Body Butter. The Ultimate Body Butter is formulated in much the same way being protective and absorbing deep into the layers of skin to moisturize and make dry skin a thing of your past. Because it doesn’t contain any essential oils, the Ultimate Body Butter is also safe for babies and children.

Do You Have Anything For My Dry Hair and Nails?

If you are looking for a moisturizing oil instead of a body butter, check out the Hair, Skin and Nail Oil By Back To Nature. It absorbs quickly and is great for dry or damaged hair as well as dry cuticles and fingernails. If using this oil on your hair you can either apply it to wet hair, or use it as a leave in hair treatment overnight. If you are looking for extra moisturization for skin, another great way to use this oil is to apply it, wait a few minutes and apply one of the above mentioned body butters over top.

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of My Dry Skin?

As with all Back To Nature products, a little bit goes a long way. Our recommendation when trying to heal and prevent dry skin is to apply small amounts of the body butter of your choice several times a day, and especially after bathing or washing hands and before bed. Bed time is a key time for skin healing so applying a bit of body butter before bedtime on a regular basis will show you amazing and quicker results.

Over time you will notice your dry skin healing and eventually won’t need to use it as much. You may start off using it several times a day and get to just applying it once daily after showering to maintain your skin.

One of the best benefits of Back To Nature’s all natural, preservative free skin and body care products is that over time they are all skin healing. They do not contain any harmful chemicals, ingredients or perfumes that will aggravate your skin or keep you dependent on their use. None of our products thin your skin like some other popular prescription creams and lotions that help initially but aren’t meant for long term use, so after you stop using them usually your skin condition returns.

Do You Have Anything Moisturizing That I Can Use In My Scent-Free Office?

One of our newest additions, the Scent Free Lotion is essential oil free and virtually scent-less so it is fantastic for using in scent-free office. Nurses, practitioners and massage therapists love this scent-free lotion because of the protective and hypo-allergenic qualities.

Looking For Moisturizers For Sensitive Skin Or Babies?

Check out the Ultimate Body Butter or the Scent-Free Lotion. Because they don’t contain any essential oils, the mildness of beeswax, cocoa butter, jojoba wax and other gentle ingredients make them safe to use on babies, children and people with compromised immune systems or allergies.

Another amazing, flowery scented moisturizer is the Luscious Lotion. This lotion is a whipped body butter with a fresh scent and all the moisturizing and skin protective qualities of our other body butter.

So take your pick, the gentleness of the Ultimate Body Butter, the whipped moisture of the Luscious Lotion or the Eczema Body Butter to help and heal your dry skin!

Your Acne Spot Blend is amazing for the occasional breakout! I’ve never found any product that works as well as this one to quickly clear up blemishes!unquote

- Heather