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Back to Nature and the Here To Health Wellness Clinic

Skin care decisions should always be made delicately and carefully. They’re important decisions, especially for those of us with dry skin and other allergies or issues. Hence, the need for natural skin and body care products. We, at Back To Nature With Essential Oils, are here for you. Jenny is a Certified Aromatherapist who has been producing essential oil skin care products for many years. If you want to know where you can get your Back To Nature products in person, we thought we would tell you about the Here to Health Wellness Clinic located in Dawson Creek. The Here to Health Wellness Clinic has practitioners qualified and certified in many fields dedicated to wellness.

What is the Here To Health Wellness Clinic?

Back To Nature With Essential Oils is partnered with the Here To Health Wellness Clinic (H2H) and works with the team to help provide patients and clients with the many wonderful products and services available there. At H2H, located at 1025-103RD Avenue, Dawson Creek, you can find every product available in our shop.

The Here To Health team, led by Tracy Hunter-Heartt, who is a Certified Advanced Practitioner of (NST) Neurostructural Integration Therapy, includes Shanon Pratt, a certified natural health practitioner, Greg Wandling, a certified massage professional, and a partnership with Concorde Medical. They offer NST (a comprehensive reorganization of the nervous system),live blood education (analyzing and interpreting blood samples under a microscope) along with wholistic nutritional counselling, massage and physicians who specialize in the use of medically supervised CBD and THC.

If you’re having problems with your skin or you’re feeling unhealthy, Jenny, and the team at Here To Health Wellness Clinic, are available to provide you with advice, services, products, and treatments to help you recover. The philosophy of the clinic is that it takes a village to return to health. And, you are welcome to become part of the neighborhood!

Back To Nature at the Here To Health Clinic

If you have questions about our products that are just difficult to ask by email, then come to the Here To Health Clinic Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 3:30. We will be there to answer your questions, show you products, and give you advice on what might help you the most in achieving your wellness goals. Another benefit of seeing me in person is that I can quickly refer you to the help of the rest of the team here if that is best!

There are many products and services we offer at the Clinic. Here are a few, check out our Shop for more:
1. Energy sessions to help relax your mood and ease you off worries through the here to health clinic at Dawson creek.
2. 100% potent mix of natural ingredients for your face in the form of creams and essential oils. Also, anti-ageing creams to help prevent wrinkles are available.
3. Bathing and body care products to help improve your appearance.
4. Back to Nature offers natural remedies to treat you from skin diseases such as eczema. Also, as earlier emphasized, you need not worry if you have dry skin and are finding it hard to correct your texture and rejuvenate its beauty. BTN offers you essential oils for dry skin to realize a happy skin and mood in you.

Don’t delay! If you need advice on your wellness, get in touch with the Here To Health Clinic today. Or if you need our natural, organic skin care products, contact me at Back To Nature with Essential Oils.

I love the moisturizing shave gel!! I have very sensitive skin and shaving my arm pits was something I dreaded doing! I would break out in a rash that was both very painful and embarrassing. I can honestly say that with this product, I can shave them everyday with no repercussions!!! It is amazing!!unquote

- J.G.