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Energy Sessions In Dawson Creek

As well as putting her healing and soothing energy into Back To Nature With Essential Oils products, Jenny is now offering Energy Sessions out of Here To Health Wellness Clinic in Dawson Creek, BC.

“I believe that energy is everything and everything is energy. I believe our thoughts, beliefs and intentions have energy and that those thoughts, beliefs and intentions trickle out into our daily lives shaping and forming our reality and our life experiences.

Sometimes we hold on to the energy that may have served and protected us in the past, but we no longer need now, such as anger, fear, jealousy and not being good enough to name a few. Energy sessions can help release these energies and replace them with the energies of self-love, acceptance, abundance, and clarity.

Most people find energy sessions relaxing and feel amazing and grounded afterward. Some people come to energy sessions to gain clarity in a certain situation or to help themselves feel relaxed and balanced. Some come to help themselves release old energy and thought patterns and replace it with new ones. Energy sessions can also be part of inner healing and self-awareness.

After energy sessions, you may be recommended to do some energetic exercises or books to further your personal journey and bring self-awareness.”

You can inquire about energy sessions by phone or email.