Hair, Skin and Nail Oil


The Hair Oil is one of my most popular and most versatile products.  This oil actually permeates your hair shaft, adding moisture and health back into your hair, repairing your beautiful mane. If you have natural curls, chemically treated hair or use blow dryers and hot irons you need this hair oil.

It absorbs quickly and is fantastic to use on your legs or other areas after shaving. It works wonders on nail beds and cuticles.  Some people use it on their face and skin instead of using a face lotion or body butter. And yes, it is an amazing beard oil. Some users have even reported a decrease in grey hair. You will love the gentle, earthy scent. A little goes a long way.

This product is best when used within 12 months.

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I love the moisturizing shave gel!! I have very sensitive skin and shaving my arm pits was something I dreaded doing! I would break out in a rash that was both very painful and embarrassing. I can honestly say that with this product, I can shave them everyday with no repercussions!!! It is amazing!!unquote

- J.G.

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