Delightfully Lime Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub


We just LOVE pink himalayan salt!

The Delightfully Lime Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub is a gentle yet effective way to exfoliate and moisturize your face and body. It will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth. The Lime Scrub is moisturizing for gardeners hands and dry feet too. 

This scrub is also recommended for acne prone skin because pink himalayan salts detoxify your body, balance your pH and improves hydration by providing trace minerals. It also prevents acne breakouts, reduces oily skin, tightens skin and exfoliates dead skin cells.

4 oz - This product is best when used within 6 months.

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I bought a jar of the Lime Salt body scrub from Jenny at the Trade Show in Dawson Creek. It was amazing. It was so refreshing and smelled divine. I highly recommend these products… even for the guys!unquote


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