Eczema Body Butter


Are you tired of suffering from dry, irritated, itchy skin from eczema?

The 4 oz Eczema Body Butter is one of our most popular products. 

It works by locking in moisture and uses essential oils to create an anti-bacterial barrier to protect and heal skin. Our oil based, non-irritating, all natural, fragrance and dye free formula relieves dry, itchy skin and helps repair the skin barrier.

Unlike some over the counter medications, this body butter will not thin skin or create other skin issues.

For an added moisture boost, try switching from your everyday soap to the Moisturizing Soap for Sensitive Skin.


This product is best when used within 8 months.

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I bought the headache oil, it is amazing! I went from a bottle of advil every month to absolutely none! It works within minutes and smells delicious! I can’t rave enough.unquote

- Angela C.

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