Avocado Cleanser


The Avocado Cleanser is one of our most popular products and part of the Anti-Aging Skin Care Line. It uses the cleansing properties of avocado oil to clean and nourish your skin. It is amazing for removing makeup, especially mascara, leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturized. 

Use a small amount morning and night to cleanse skin and remove makeup. Be sure to remove with a damp facecloth. Follow with the Pore Refining Toner, the Fabulous Face Lotion and Amazing Eye Cream.  Using either the Brown Sugar or Delightfully Lime Pink Himalayan Salt Scrubs is an amazing addition to the Anti-Aging Line too.

4.5 oz - This product is best when used within 3 months.

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I love the moisturizing shave gel!! I have very sensitive skin and shaving my arm pits was something I dreaded doing! I would break out in a rash that was both very painful and embarrassing. I can honestly say that with this product, I can shave them everyday with no repercussions!!! It is amazing!!unquote

- J.G.

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