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Back to Nature With Essential Oils in Dawson Creek, BC offers handcrafted skin care products that blend the healing properties of essential oils with other natural, organic ingredients to rejuvenate your skin. Whether you are experiencing problem skin, or are simply trying to find amazing and effective products that suit your healthy lifestyle, Back to Nature has what you need to nurture your skin from head to toe!

Our online shop allows you to browse and purchase our luxurious products from home, and we offer shipping options from delivering locally to shipping anywhere in Canada! All Back to Nature's handcrafted, quality products come with a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Back to Nature's All About That Face line of products will gently address all steps of face care from cleansing to toning and moisturizing the delicate skin cells on the face and around the eyes. For specific skin concerns such as aging and acne, we offer individual products such as Amazing Eye Cream as well as collections, such as Anti-Aging Skin Care Collection and our Clear Skin for Acne Prone Skin Care Line.

You and your family members will absolutely love our Bath and Body Essentials that include soaps, body washes, scrubs, lotions, body butters, preservative and chemical free deodorant, a moisturizing shave cream for men and women, and oil for hair, skin and nail. So many amazing natural skin products that will support your skin's natural healing process and blend with your body's natural scent, rather than overpower.

Back to Nature also offers a line of Natural Remedies with items that are safe for babies, expectant mothers, and those families members with eczema, sensitive skin, or various ailments. If you would like to get the most product for great, low prices, check out our Signature Collections and Gift Sets, all of which are currently on special! Along with our gift certificates, collections can make wonderful gifts that will delight your loved one any time of the year. Contact Jenny with any questions or comments.

My entire family love Back to Nature with Essential oils products. We use almost all of them! My children love Jenny’s potions… how they smell and feel! The baby butt butter… oh my… we use that stuff on everything!unquote

- ChArlie