Clear Skin Daily Face Gel


This Gel is really the bomb when it comes to acne skin care. Use it daily to combat the bacteria that causes acne or as an occasional spot treatment. Either way you will notice a change almost immediately in your skin.

The Clear Skin Daily Gel is part of the Clear Skin Line and is a powerfully packed combination of aloe vera and essential oils that heal skin and combat acne without drying your skin.


Use a small amount on a cotton pad and apply to your face after cleansing with the Clear Skin Cleanser and toning with the Pore Reducing Toner, avoiding eye area.  Leave on for a few minutes and follow with the Clear Skin Lotion.  

2oz - This product is best when used within 3 months.

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My entire family love Back to Nature with Essential oils products. We use almost all of them! My children love Jenny’s potions… how they smell and feel! The baby butt butter… oh my… we use that stuff on everything!unquote

- ChArlie

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