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How did Back To Nature
With Essential Oils get started?

How did Back To Nature With Essential Oils get started?  Here is my story….

My name is Jennifer Bellhouse, Certified Aromatherapist, owner of Back To Nature With Essential Oils. I started my journey as a concerned mother with skin issues of my own.

I was born and raised in Dawson Creek, BC where we are fortunate to get the beautiful weather of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  We also get the dry, the heat, the cold and the wet.

Like many others, I was battling with dry skin, acne prone skin, dry hair and a growing concern about the ingredients list on the products I was using on myself and my children. My family lovingly called me “The Product Queen”.  If you had a product that was ‘guaranteed’ to cure dry skin and acne prone skin, I wanted it. I tried everything on the drugstore shelf and everything in the dermatology office.  I needed something different.  Something that worked.  And something that worked long term.  Essential oils were all the rage so I started doing some of my own research.

I started making basic body butters for myself and giving them away to whomever was in need.  I completely fell in love with all aspects of working with essential oils, from their properties and healing potential to the results I was seeing on my own skin.  It was simply amazing.

I knew I was onto something worthwhile.  I dove farther into the world of essential oils and eventually became a Certified Aromatherapist. Back To Nature With Essential Oils suddenly came to life.  I have a strong desire to help people and share these wonderful products because everyone deserves products that work, are safe to use on skin and don’t cost a fortune.

In short, I create and use my products because I believe in them, I trust the knowledge and science behind them and I personally see how well they work.  I see the effects everyday on myself, my family and friends around me.  Everyone should be able to enjoy natural products, beautiful skin, a healthy lifestyle and feel good about the products they use.


I love researching essential and carrier oils and creating the all natural, preservative free products you will find on my website.  Not only are they skin healing, they are good for you!  They are mother nature approved.  They are Back To Nature.

What You Put On Your Skin Matters.



What does Back to Nature with Essential Oils offer?

Back To Nature With Essential Oils offers 100% pure, natural, preservative free products that are effective on your skin.

We offer a natural alternative to over the counter products to help you with skin concerns such as acne, eczema, dry skin, sensitive skin, anti-aging, hemorrhoids and much more.

Why try these products?

Have you ever wondered what ingredients you are putting on your skin every time you shower, cleanse your face or use a lotion? Are you tired of trying products that are expensive and just don't work?  Would you like a natural alternative to try instead of reaching for something out of your medicine cabinet? Everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body.  Ingredients used in Back To Nature products are found in nature, mostly organic, system supportive, smell amazing and do not contain harmful chemicals or additives. A little bit goes a long way making them cost effective too.


What are essential oils?

Essential oils are plant based substances extracted from various parts of the plant. Did you know it takes 50 rose petals to obtain 1 drop of essential oil?! Essential oils are very concentrated. Essential oils have various properties such as skin healing, calming, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, meditative, sleep inducing, regenerative, anti-fungal and uplifting.  The list goes on and on and on.....

Although essential oils have been used for over 2000 years, their properties are still being researched today. Care must be taken when using pure essential oils as they may cause reactions to people with immune deficiencies or skin reactions.

What are carriers?

Carrier oils are nature based substances such as beeswax, aloe vera gel, clays, cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, and many others. Carriers are used as a natural base in my products to help protect and nourish your skin and to mix with essential oils. 

Why choose back to Nature Essential Oils?

Back to Nature With Essential Oils is a small business based on the idea that What You Put On Your Skin Matters, of supporting your body's own systems in a natural way. Much care is taken to be sure the ingredients come from natural, organic sources. All products are  researched by a Certified Aromatherapist, lovingly hand crafted and beautifully made with your needs and preferences in mind.

With all the other chemicals and preservatives we are around on a daily basis, it is nice to know what we are putting on our skin is natural and healthy.

A note about your products

All of these products have been lovingly and carefully hand-crafted using natural, organic, preservative-free ingredients. 

ALL PRODUCTS EXPIRE. Please read labels for directions for use.


To ensure your preservative free product makes it to its best before date, keep your lids on, try not to get any water in the products and avoid heat, like your sunny windowsill and hot car.

And just like natural food, if your product smells or looks strange…best to recylce them and invest in new product.


*If it can be stirred, mixed or shaken do so before use.

*A little bit goes a long way! 

*Avoid eye area with products that contain essential oils.  Coconut oil is fabulous for removing eye makeup.

*Scrubs can be used on face or body. STIR before use.

*Carrier oils used in my products are sebum balancing and will not clog pores making them compatable for any skin types.

*If you don’t like the feel of oil on your skin after a scrub wipe if off with a facecloth.

*ALL CLEANSERS must be removed with a facecloth to remove dirt and makeup.

*The Amazing Eye Cream is best used at night or just above your cheekbone during the day as it can cause eye makeup to run.

*To use the bath salts add 1 tablespoon to your bath right before getting into the tub to get the maximum benefit of the salt and essential oils.

*If any irritation occurs with any product, immediately discontinue use. If you have sensitive skin and are trying a new product it is always best to try it on the inside of your arm and see how the area does after 24 hours.

*If you are pregnant, nursing, have allergies or have other medical conditions or immune deficiencies ask your medical doctor before using these products.


Enjoy your products and please email the customer service department at with any questions.

I bought a jar of the Lime Salt body scrub from Jenny at the Trade Show in Dawson Creek. It was amazing. It was so refreshing and smelled divine. I highly recommend these products… even for the guys!unquote